Wheel building begins with components choice. Rim hub,spokes and nipples are chosen according to different criteria: the practice, the weight, the way of riding, the type of terrain, the bike and user’s wishes.


 Once the components have been selected, we calculates the the spokes lengt. This length may differ from one flange to the other of the hub.

Spokes are mounted on the hub. Spokes number generally used varies between 20 and 32 depending on the wheel. Spokes are then placed in the rim holes and held in place with nipples. They can be mounted radially, crossed by two or crossed by three depending of the wheel.

Each spoke thread is lubricated with linseed oil. This oil makes it easier to screw nipples and tender spokes. Later, this oil will dry and serve as a thread locker.

The wheel is tensioned very gradually until the desired tension is obtained on the tightest layer. A tensiometer is essential to do this operation with precision. At the same time, jumps and hoping are corrected so as to have a perfectly round and straight wheel. To do this, a truing stand is used.

The wheel is also centered using a centering tool. Centering must be perfect. Jumps are adjusted to an accuracy of around 0.2mm, hoping is adjusted to an accuracy of around 0.1mm.

The wheel is “broken” several times. This step release residual stresses from spokes. Nipples takes place, spokes too.This step is very important. After each "breaking", jumps, hoping and centering must be corrected again.

Once the wheel have no longer jumps or hoping, spokes tension is balanced. Ideally, the tension difference between spokes should not exceed 5%. It is a guarantee of quality, stability and longevity for the wheel. Only mounting by hand allows such precision. For comparison, the tension difference of spokes of a machine builded wheel can be up to 60%!

The next day, the wheel is checked again. It is over.

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