Who are we ?


Amaruq is the outcome of several years project. Very disappointed with the quality and the price of some factory wheels, I decided to train myself to be able to mount my own wheels. Many trials and test have been done on many different conditions.

Over time, the requests for handcrafted wheels became more and more regular. Finally, Amaruq was born, allowing me to share my passion and my expertise with many riders.

Why Amaruq ?


Always fascinated by the great outdoors ans wild predators, I have a deep passion for wolves . In inuit mythology, Amaruq is the big wolf spirit.

Power, speed, vivacity, strength and the ability to go fast under any circumstances are some of the common characteristic between the wolf and Amaruq wheels.

Why handcrafted wheels ?


Wheels are the most important part of a bike.

Factory wheels are built with machines. With this method, there are huge differences between spoke tensions, until 60%! Our wheels have about 5% difference between spokes tensions. Wheels are more effective and more durable.

Inhomogeneous tensions can unbalance a wheel, make it less precise, less reactive and cause repeated spoke breaks. More over, wheels have to be used by very different people (practice, weight), on very differents tracks. Each model is a compromise. These wheels are not optimized.

By choosing handcrafted wheels, to have wheels adapted to your needs and desires.

Beyond the look that you can customize, you will have wheels that are truly adapted to you and your practice. Your weight, the way you ride and the type of bike you use are taken into account during assembly.


Your AMARUQ wheels are hancrafted In Belgium, by a passionate, with high quality equipment and with high precision.


You will have the pleasure of having unique wheels that match you. More over, for the same price, you will have handcrafted wheels with a superior quality than factory wheels but, mostly, lighter, more responsive and efficient. You will no longer recognize your bike!

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AMARUQ - Bicycle Wheels

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