To avoid any bad surprises, the wheels will be paid at ordering.


Your wheels will be built and sent within four weeks after receipt of payment. This period may vary if our supplier is sold out. In such a case, we will contact you. You will chose if you are waiting longer or if you wish to be fully reimbursed.

Shipping - delivery


You can pick up your wheels by appointment, directly at our workshop,
4845 Jalhay, Belgium.

We can also send your wheels anywhere in Europe and (almost) anywhere in the world.

For any shipment to Belgium, 15 euros will be counted to cover the costs of packaging and delivery. Do not hesitate to contact us to find out the shipping costs for
other European countries.

Our prices include the Belgian VAT. Depending on the destination country, you may have to pay additional taxes.

Terms of use


To guarantee a good longevity of your wheels, please respect the following
conditions of use:

Amaruq wheels may only be used for the purpose intended.

The recommended tire size must be observed.

The maximum tire pressure must not be exceeded. Do not use a compressor to inflate your tires. It may damage the rims or hurt you.

Avoid contact between rims and corrosive products.

Do not use high pressure cleaner on your hubs or on the stickers.

Check your wheels regularly.

Do not use a heat source towards your rims (watch out for your car's exhaust pipe!).

Do not use pads brakes on disc wheels.

 Guarantee - After-sales service


Customer satisfaction is our priority. We offer a two-years warranty on AMARUQ wheels.

The warranty applies to the first owner and covers any manufacturing defect or defect. The warranty does not cover damage caused by inappropriate use, falling or inappropriate maintenance.

The warranty covers any manufacturing defect or defect found or caused during normal use. The warranty therefore does not cover damage caused by any impact or by any deterioration due to inappropriate maintenance of your wheels.

 Crash replacement


If you breake a rim following an accident or a fall, we offer a 30% discount on the purchase of a new Amaruq rim of the same range. This offer is valid for a period of three years from the date of purchase of the wheels. It is only valid for the first owner.

AMARUQ - Bicycle Wheels

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